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When planting seeds just won’t work, take the easier route and use sod from H & O Sod, Inc. We grow it right here on the property that we own, and our business is family owned and operated by the Overstreet family of Osceola County. They’ve been involved in the beef cattle and citrus industries for many generations and the sod business since 1986. We take pride in our history of agriculture in Central Florida and our status as a trusted sod supply company in Kenansville, St. Cloud, and Kissimmee, FL.

We carry one of the strongest types of sod, Argentine Bahia, and sell it to wholesale and retail buyers. Our local business always strives to provide our customers with the best Bahia possible, something they’ve well noticed. We’ve had many clients return and consider us their main sod supplier for the quality service and excellent pricing. Your purchase can even be delivered to your home or company, freshly cut and ready to use. Feel free to ask us for maintenance knowledge and care techniques. As a commercial sod supplier, we love to share what we know.


Why Buy From Us?


There’s simply no other sod farm around with our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our owners have decades of experience and are fully licensed to sell all kinds of sod to residential and commercial clients. Every shopper is entitled to a free estimate to avoid surprises on the bill. You get an idea of the cost, professional cutting, excellent-quality sod, and delivery all from the same place regardless of whether you’re a home or business owner. What more could you want?

Most importantly, you receive a species that can stand up to Florida weather. Heat can be tough on grass, especially when there’s not enough rain to balance it out, and having sod that’s tolerant of droughts can keep your yard beautiful all year round. When you’re wondering where to buy sod, the best choice is where you can get the hardiest variety: right here with us. You’ll have everything you need and a pleasant experience in the process.

Floratam coming in 2019