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Argentine Bahia grass Sod in Kenansville, St. Cloud & Kissimmee, FL


One of the challenges Floridians face is keeping their grass healthy during hot weather, especially when there isn’t enough rain. H & O Sod, Inc. is up to that challenge and provides a solution: our Argentine Bahia grass sod in Kenansville, St. Cloud, and Kissimmee, FL. With this, you won’t have to worry about an ugly lawn when the weather turns or having to replace your grass. We offer dependable species that don’t need a lot of work, some at wholesale prices.


About Argentine Bahia Sod


Bahia sod is a common grass in Florida. This gorgeous specimen is popular with homeowners since it holds up under heat and doesn’t require an intensive amount of care. Bahia grows in a wide variety of soils and is even resistant to most worms. It does best in full sun but will grow as long as it receives full sun at some point during the day. A little watering is all you need to do once your fresh-cut sod is installed. Water only as needed and mow to 3 or 4 inches high every 7 to 10 days during the growing season.

Bahia may go into a brownish dormant stage during periods of drought or in the winter, but watering and warmer temperatures will bring it back to its normal green, healthy appearance. You might consider overseeding it in the winter to help it maintain that lush green look. Another way to maintain your lawn is by applying herbicide and fertilizer twice a year in spring and fall.


Benefits of Drought Tolerant Grass


One of the main features of grass with drought tolerance is that it doesn’t need as much watering to grow and thrive, which saves you water, labor, and money. It also doesn’t require as much cutting, making it a low maintenance option—perfect for those who lack the ability or desire to spend much time on their yard. Sod like ours even helps local species and ecosystems by serving as a habitat, and it contains natural defenses against pests and diseases. No more spraying pesticides that send toxins into water and soil. Instead, you can go eco-friendly.

For many homeowners and even business owners, the decision on which sod to buy is clear. Drought tolerant species offer some of the highest returns on investment and the longest lasting natural beauty. Talk to our experts, and we’ll help you select the best kind for your property.



Bahia makes an excellent addition to any home. Contact H & O to bring it to yours.